The key to a successful Great American Can Roundup is maintaining momentum throughout the contest period. That includes corralling additional support and participation from the community as time goes on.

List of Organizations


Here are some tips and best practices to help you maximize your success. Please feel free to share your own ideas, tips and suggestions on the Al the Can’s Facebook page and encourage your team members to do the same.

Corral support from company executives.

Strong support from the corporate headquarters can go a long way toward encouraging robust participation and keeping your team motivated. Ask your executives for support in the form of:

  • Encouraging participation company-wide
  • Highlighting the competition on the company’s website and/or in newsletters
  • Providing awards or other incentives that encourage competition among the company’s participating plants
  • Matching the funds raised for the selected charity/charities

Capitalize on prior year efforts.

Celebrate your facility’s and community’s success and prior participation in the Great American Can Roundup. Highlight your past achievements and set ambitious goals for this year’s competition.

Select a strong charity partner and a cause that engages the public.

The charity you select has a direct financial stake in your success and should be willing to help generate media coverage and increase your haul of cans. Look for a charity that has:

  • Experience in community mobilization
  • An enthusiastic staff
  • Strong connections to local media
  • A specific project that captures the interest of your community

Broaden your base of support.

This isn’t just a competition for beverage can plants. Corporate offices, sales offices, food and
general line plants, any CMI member company facility and supplier operations are all welcome in the contest—we urge
you to participate!

Consider expanding your team beyond your employees by engaging:

  • Local community groups
  • Local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Citizen associations
  • Schools

Partner with scrap dealers.

Scrap dealers can help facilities increase their recycling haul by:

  • Providing bins at the plant and other locations, with all proceeds counting toward your total
  • Promoting the competition and your designated charity through advertising
  • Periodically collecting the cans for recycling
  • Paying above street price for donated cans (doesn’t hurt to ask!)

Make sure your partner understands that all proceeds must go to support the designated charity.

Give grass-roots tactics a try.

  • Organize a community clean-up day to sweep for cans in public areas such as along creeks and streams, in public parks and around shopping centers.
  • Build a float for an upcoming parade and send a group to march with collection bags.
  • Host a booth at a local festivals and fairs.
  • Contact local sports teams about hosting a can collection at the stadium on a special day.