To get started, email

All CMI member facilities are eligible and encouraged to participate.

  • can makers and suppliers
  • headquarters
  • plants
  • sales offices
  • any other company facility

Each facility selects a charity or charities.

  • Notify CMI ( of your choice(s) by October 15.
  • For purposes of this competition, a charity is defined as a non-profit organization; schools are therefore considered charities.

Spread the word about your participation.

Use the Great American Can Roundup logos, letterhead and flyer templates provided under Promote Your Roundup. Be sure to include:

  • Company name
  • Your designated charity
  • Great American Can Roundup logo

Partnerships are allowed.

  • Partner with third-party recyclers or municipal recycling programs, schools, scouts, etc.
  • Each can from your partnerships that is counted toward your recycled total must be redeemed for cash, and all funds raised must be donated locally to a charity of your choice.
  • Receipt drop-off boxes in which cans are counted but money is not raised are not permitted.

Document your progress.

There are two ways recycled cans can count for your company or plant:

  • Existing Entries. Cans recycled by a third-party partner (schools or scouts that are registered and participating in the Great Aluminum Can Roundup Schools or Scouts Challenge) and have already been submitted by that partner to CMI.
  • New Entries. If the cans are recycled by your company and or a municipal recycling program and have not already been submitted to us.
  • For either method, please email for instructions on how to report them to CMI. All documentation must be submitted by November 10, 2016.


  • The plant or company with the highest cans per capita recycled will will $2000 for their charity of choice.
  • The runner-up plant or company will receive $1,000 for their charity.