Remember to keep a log of:

  1. Total pounds of used beverage cans and/or actual number of beverage cans collected
  2. Price paid to you per pound of aluminum
  3. Total dollars received for collected cans
  4. Dollar amount or any incentives or company or plant awards
  5. Total number of dollars that has been or will be donated to your designated charity(-ies)

Log in to your account to submit the above information or to upload a receipt.


Submit all verified recycling documentation by November 1, in the form of:

  • Dated receipt from recycling center/program (private or municipal) or scrap dealer OR
  • Verification log or form signed by recycling center/program or scrap dealer OR
  • Copy of check from recycling center/program or scrap dealer payable to the participating facility or that facility‚Äôs designated charity/charities OR
  • Email from recycling center/program verifying recycled totals

Questions? Contact Jenny Day at 202.232.4677 or