Did You Know?
Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

Start a Recycling Program in Your School to:

  • Clean up the environment.
  • Build community.
  • Instill good life-long habits.
  • Teach leadership skills.
  • Raise some money for needed funds.

Ways to Recycle Aluminum Beverage Cans

  • There are three ways to recycle aluminum beverage cans:
    • Recycling Center Drop-Off – Schools can collect cans and have someone take them to a Recycling Center Drop-Off.  Click here for help to find a Recycling Center near you. School’s are encouraged to solicit donations of recycled cans from other organizations.
    • Recycling Special Pick Up – Sometimes you can work with your local recycling center and have them pick up your cans for you.
    • Recycling Regular Pick Up – Some schools already have recycling picked up at their school. You will lose the monetary benefit of getting cash for the cans you redeem but you will still be keeping those cans out of your local landfill.



Reasons for Schools to Recycle Aluminum Beverage Cans



The public learns about recycling.

We get the message out that aluminum is 100% recyclable.


Communities come together.

Can drives are something everyone, young and old, can participate.


Schools receive much-needed funds.

Cans have value and can be redeemed for Cash at your local Recycling Buy Back Center.


People are helped.

The community rallies around the school and everyone benefits.


The planet gets a break.

Recycled aluminum cans require 92 percent less energy than generating new metal from ore.


Your students learn valuable lessons.

Students learn to be good stewards of the environment while working together with their community for a good cause!

Al the Can will help you get the word out.




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