Lake Mills Elementary School started their Aluminum Can Recycle-a-Thon with the goal of raising enough money for a new playground. They liked that it was an activity everyone, young and old, could do, and that they didn’t have to ask people to delve into their pocketbooks to raise funds.

The response, they say, was unbelievable. One local business gave them 700 pounds of cans! Every two weeks a caravan of vehicles would load up the enormous mountain of aluminum cans that they had collected and stored in a school family’s garage. Between April and June they recycled 6,712 pounds of aluminum cans and earned $2,540. Counting additional monetary contributions that were spurred by the can drive, the school raised over $7,500.

Conservation efforts like the Recycle-a-Thon earned Lake Mills a 2015 Green Ribbon Award nomination from the U.S. Department of Education!

Amount Recycled: 6,712 pounds

Money Raised from Recycling: $2,540