Sacred Heart Elementary began holding aluminum can drives in 1994 as a way to help both the environment and the school. Each year the number of cans Sacred Heart recycled grew, but recycling efforts really took off about ten years ago when county officials initiated a recycling program that used schools as collection locations.

Now, in addition to participating in the Great American Can Roundup, Sacred Heart competes with 14 schools in Lawrence County for an annual $2,000 cash prize from the county for collecting the most pounds of recyclables of all kinds—from cardboard to plastic to aluminum cans. They’ve won three years in a row!

Sacred Heart’s earnings from recycling have helped the school fulfill its mission “to pass faith and knowledge to the next generation.” Moreover, school representative Mary Anthionette Beuerlein reports, “Recycling efforts teach our students that they must be faithful in being good stewards of God’s world.”

Money raised: $6,000 in county-sponsored prize money alone.