Let the world know you are participating in the Great American Can Roundup! Generating community awareness and interest is the key to collecting more cans.

Handy Promotional Tools

Generate Press Coverage

Press coverage is valuable free publicity! Contact your local media—newspapers, radio and television:

  • Ask who covers news about community projects like yours or to whom you should address press releases.
  • Prepare a press release. (Use our Sample Press Release as a starting point.)
  • Send high-resolution photos with your press release, along with the names of anyone pictured. (Make sure you have their permission first.)
  • Write a Letter to the Editor.

Use Social Media

  • Create a Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Designate a social media guru to update your Facebook page and tweet on a regular basis.
  • Designate an official photographer to take pictures and post to Facebook.
  • Ask family and friends to Like and re-post or re-tweet announcements.
  • Post or tweet @AltheCan.

For fun facts about beverage cans to include in your promotions, visit www.smartcansolutions.com.

Create Signage that Builds Awareness

Engage your school’s artists and writers to create:

  • Barometer posters that show how far the school is from its recycling goal
  • A giant sign that uses cans to spell out “RECYCLING”
  • Displays for carnivals, fairs and other local events
  • An Environmental Wish Bank shaped like an aluminum can

Engage the Community

  • Initiate or participate in celebrations for America Recycles Day, Earth Day/Week or World Recycling Day.
  • Send letters to public officials to request their appearance at or participation in special events you have planned.

Environmental Wish Aluminum Can Bank

Make a can-shaped “bank” with a slot where students or community members can deposit their wishes on slips of paper. Use these wishes as compelling content for press releases, social media posts or letters to elected officials!

  • Recruit your most creative students to create the bank out of paper mâché, cardboard, duct tape…anything goes!
  • Display the bank at community events.
  • Supply a pen and slips of paper stating “My environmental wish is…”
  • Participants fill in the blank and deposit their wish in the can bank.

Environmental Pledge Certificates

The Great American Can Roundup offers certificates for you to award to people who support or help your campaign.

  • To request certificates that you can personalize for your group, contact Jenny Day at 202.232.4677 or roundup@cancentral.com.
  • Ask people to pledge to “Make Every Day Earth Day” by incorporating the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) into their lives.
  • Award people who provide environmental education, environmental action and public service.