Winners determined by the pounds of aluminum cans recycled per capita from student enrollment and verified from completed Recycling Logs. There’s a total of $56,000 up for grabs!

  • $5,000 for National Champion
  • $1,000 each for State Champions (and the Washington, D.C., Champion)

Winners will be notified by phone, email or mail during the month of May following the close of the contest. Winners’ names will be posted online at under News.

Win a Pizza Party Gift Card

From December through March, we hold a monthly drawing for a $50 pizza party gift card to reward participation. Submit your previous months’ Recycling Log by the 22nd of the following month (upload your November log by December 22nd and so on) to be entered into the drawing.

Upload Recycling Log


Contact Dorie Thompson at or 202.232.4677.

Did You Know?
Recycling one soda can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.