While the Can Manufacturers Institute is no longer able to award cash prizes to the top recycling school in each state, we still want to encourage schools to participate in the great American Can Roundup and we still want you to keep track on our website so we can know who wins because cans have value and can be redeemed for cash at your local recycling center. And, while we can’t award you $1,000, we can send you Al the Can Beanies and tell others about the great work your school is doing.

Al the Can Stuffed Beanies (FREE)

Start a recycling program in your school and let us know about it and we will send you Al the Can Stuffed Beanies for your students (while supplies last).

Contact Dorie Thompson at dthompson@cancentral.com or 202.232.4677 for more information.


Did You Know?
Recycling one soda can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.