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Did You Know?
Last year, Americans sent 40 billion cans — $800 million worth of aluminum to the landfill.


The Great American Can Roundup Scout Council Challenge is open to all registered Boy and Girl Scout units (Cubs, Tigers, Venturers, Explorers, Daisies, Brownies, Cadets Ambassadors, etc.) and councils in the United States.

  • One registration per unit.
  • Units must register by April 30, 2016 (the final day of the contest collection phase). Registration is required.
  • A unit’s Scout Challenge registration automatically enrolls the unit’s council in the Council Challenge, and poundage counts toward both contests.
  • Winners of the Scout Challenge are determined by the pounds of aluminum cans recycled per registered unit scouts. Top aluminum can recycling Councils are determined by the greatest pounds recycled.

Rules of Participation

  • The last day to collect aluminum cans is April 30, 2016.
  • Recycling Logs must be completed and verified by the recycling center via:
    • stamp
    • authorized signature
    • copy of receipt
  • Recycling verifications and requests for individual scout prizes must be uploaded by May 15, this is also the last day to recycle collected cans.
  • Poundage of aluminum cans recycled will be credited to your unit as well as to your council for the Council Challenge.
  • All verified aluminum used beverage cans (UBC) poundage recycled by lone scouts will be added to the Council Challenge totals.
    • At this time, because of the per capita nature of the Challenge, lone-scout troops will not be considered for the national competition. A lone scout’s recycling poundage will only be counted towards the Council Challenge, not for the Scout Challenge. However, lone scouts are eligible for a Scout Recognition Reward. (See Prizes page for rewards.)
  • Councils should also submit receipts and/or verification forms for aluminum can recycling initiatives carried out separately from the units, such as can drives held at offices, events or camps.
  • Scout leaders should monitor your unit’s account. If pounds have not been verified, recycling documentation has not been received and should be re-sent.


Contact Jenny Day at 202.232.4677 or


By participating, registered units agree to these official rules and the decisions of the sponsor and the judges from any and all liability, claims or damages arising out of their participation and the acceptance and use of a prize. Sponsor assumes no liability for lost, late, miscredited, illegible, incomplete or damaged Registration Forms, Recycling Log/Verification Forms. In addition, sponsor assumes no liability for mail or for technical, hardware, software or telephone failures or any kind of failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions of contest forms, materials or submissions.