Unit: Girl Scout Troop 50044
Location: Hutchinson, Kansas
Amount Recycled: 1.2+ million cans—33,386 pounds
Amount Raised: $16,693 (@ $.50/lb)

On the Saturday of Earth Week, cars, pickup trucks and livestock trailers line up along Main Street in Hutchinson, waiting to recycle their aluminum cans. Midwest Iron & Metal helps Girl Scout Troop 50044 to collect and recycle the cans, donating a premium for each pound collected to the troop.

One year, the troop collected one million cans—so many that they had to be stored temporarily at the state fair grounds. Kansans from all over the state—including school children by the busload—visited the site to see what a million cans would look like. Now that’s raising awareness about the recyclability of aluminum cans!