The Great American Can Roundup Scout Challenge runs from January 15 to April 30. Winners of the Scout Unit Challenge and Scout Council Challenge will be notified on World Environment Day, June 5. Names of winning units and councils will be posted on this website.

Did You Know?
Recycling one soda can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

Individual Scout Awards

Recognize the biggest recyclers in your unit with these individual awards. Scouts can earn one reward at each level per year. (Leaders: complete the Reward Form to request your Scouts’ prizes.)

Scouts Who Recycle This MuchEarn This Prize
35 pounds 35 Pound Club Great American Can Roundup Patch
125 pounds Al the Can stuffed toy
200 pounds Al the Can T-shirt
300 pounds Al the Can baseball cap
400 pounds aluminum water bottle

Scouting Unit and Council Cash Awards

The top six per capita recycling units and the top two recycling councils based on pounds of aluminum cans recycled receive cash awards. The unit and council emerging as our national champions also receive a plaque and bragging rights for the year.

Unit Challenge Prizes

Champion $500Reserve Champion $3003rd Place $200
4th Place $1505th Place $1006th Place $100

Council Challenge Prizes

Champion $500Reserve $300

Determination of Prize Winners

  • Scout unit winners are determined by the poundage of aluminum cans recycled per capita (number of registered scouts in the unit/council), based on submitted Recycling Log and/or receipts.
  • A unit’s registration in the Scout Challenge automatically enrolls the unit’s council in the Council Challenge, and poundage counts toward both contests.
  • Councils should also submit receipts and/or verification forms for any aluminum can recycling initiatives carried out separately from the units.
  • The top two recycling scout councils will be determined by the number of verified pounds of aluminum cans recycled.


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