In the Great American Can Roundup Industry Challenge, CMI member facilities (can maker and supplier plants, headquarters and other offices) raise money for charities by recycling aluminum beverage cans.


The public learns about recycling.

We get the message out that aluminum is 100% recyclable.



Communities come together.

Can drives are something everyone, young and old, can participate.



Charities receive much-needed funds.

Participants in the 2014 Industry Challenge raised more than $179,400 for local charities.



People are helped.

You choose a charity that is meaningful to your company.



The planet gets a break.

Recycled aluminum cans require 92 percent less energy than generating new metal from ore.



Our industry looks great.

The contest puts a spotlight on our charitable giving and on the value and infinite recyclability of aluminum!


Al the Can will help you get the word out.