Al the Can is ready to award cash prizes and cool gear to Scouts, Scouting units, and councils that recycle the most aluminum beverage cans per registered scout between January 15 and April 30, 2016. National wide, the top two aluminum can recycling Councils will be recognized with cash awards.


Register your unit/troop for the 2016 Challenge by April 30, 2016. Registration is required.


Get everyone excited about recycling. Tie in the Challenge with work toward a merit badge!

At this time, lone scouts can participate for gear only. Their recycling efforts will be counted towards their Council’s total poundage collected.

Your troop/unit size doesn’t matter—just the amount of aluminum cans recycled per registered member. Lone Scouts can participate for gear and help their Council with recycling pounds.

Go round ’em up!

  • Collect and recycle aluminum cans.
  • Earn $ from your local recycling center to donate for scouting activities or use for a good cause.
  • The top six units and top two councils win cash prizes ranging from $100-$500.

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